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Area 51
The Pentathlon Evo kit is a laser interlocking design that will go together quickly and straight.  The
wings, stabs, and rear fuse deck are cnc cut foam cores.  The kit includes laser cut foam cutting
templates, but the builder will have to provide the foam cores.

Laser Parts Kit:
Includes all laser parts (including foam templates), & CD.
The builder will supply all necessary sheeting, foam parts,
wing tube, c.f., etc.                                                                                                       $285.00 (U.S.)
The pricing shown includes shipping anywhere in the continental US.  Please
include a physical shipping address when ordering.  Use the "Contact Us" link
above or email directly to flyintexanmark@gmail.com for detailed pricing, etc.
Kit Versions available for 2 Stroke, Hacker/Neu, Outrunner, SAP180, YS
Builder's Quote: "I've just passed 20 flights with mine, so I am still triming, but so far
so good. I am just over 10 pounds with the Flightmax batteries from Hobby King in
China.  Thanks again for a great kit, a fun build, and sooooo easy with all the
pictures and drawings."