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Area 51
The CADENCE is the collaboration of Mark Hunt and Mark Mendonca and is intended to provide
the pilot with a monoplane platform that performs nearly like that of a biplane.  Sweeping lines
and generous side area are combined with a modest wing planform and large ailerons.

The construction is very straightforward and intended to allow for use of both glow/gas and
electric power systems.  Generous room in the chin cowl for 35cc gas engines.

Electronic Files (not shareable) for plans, laser files, and photo
files for further reference                                                                                                 $69.00 (U.S.)

Basic Laser Kit:
Includes all Laser parts and Full size Plans
The builder will need to supply all 1/16" balsa sheeting - 36 ea. 1/16x3x36
The builder will also need to supply all foam cores (laser cut templates are
included in the kit) - 3 ea. 3x24x48, 3 ea. 7x7x36 foam blocks (1 lbs density)
The builder will also need to supply all miscellaneous hardware such as:
landing gear, wing tube, wing adjusters, and any other optional items.
***Shipping is not included in the price.                                                                        $492.00 (U.S.)

Sorry, this kit cannot be shipped overseas.  The pricing shown does NOT include shipping.  
Cashier's Check or Paypal is acceptable. Please contact for payment details:  
Detailed full size plans
Pictured above: All Ultracote,
lightening holes in all foam cores,
Hacker C54, Jeti Mezon, Falcon
21x13.5, Falcon spinner, Futaba HV
Sbus, 50g rx battery, 1100g motor
battery - AUW: 9lbs. 15oz.
Interlocking fuse parts