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Area 51
Here is the prototype after some
airbrushing and motor change to
the OS160fx with standard muffler.
Here is the original prototype
Insight, fitted with a
YS140sport.  The finished
weight: 9lbs. 12oz.
The Insight ala' Luis Rodriquez.  
Pictures do not do this piece of
fine art justice.  YS140L, 10lbs. 4oz.
Insight by Jim Sheffield (pictured next
to the red and white prototype).   All
painted with PPG, YS140sport, Futaba
digitals - 10lbs. 8oz.
Insight by Don Ramsey.  Custom
canopy (glassed foam) and no
cheeks.   All painted with PPG,
YS140L, Futaba digitals, ES pipe,
10lbs. 4oz.
Owner Jarvis Johnson outfitted
his Insight with an OS140rx and
finished it with monokote.
Insight owner Chuck Hochhalter
increased the height of the fuse by 1"
and used an Aeroslave Aires canopy to
define his Insight.  OS160fx with
wrap-around header and pipe.  Finish
is monokote, 10lbs. 6oz.  ***** 3rd in
402 at his first US Nats.
John Forestieri's Insight  The end result is
a fully painted 2 meter plane with an
OS160fx and a standard muffler that weighs
in at an awesome 9lbs. 15oz.
The Voodoo Express as per Richard Lewis.  YS110 -
8-1/2 lbs.  A fine example of how to build light.
Its Chuck again!  He is
still smiling.
Pentathlon - Dualsky
motor, 3750mah flight
pack - 10lbs. 2oz.
Neil Hunt's
Pentathlon.  OS160fx,
ES pipe, perry pump.  
PPG fuse, monokote
wings/stabs.  10lbs.
Keith Black's Pentathlon -
PPG fuse, monokote
wings/stabs, Hacker C50,
5000mah flight pack -
10lbs. 12oz.
2008' US National F3A Craftsmanship Champion Penathlon by Luis
Rodriguez.  10lbs. 11oz. all PPG finish (no monokote).  "Nice Job"
would be an understatement.
60 size Insight! Tom Lindholm
reduced the plans and used a
Saito 100.  Sweet machine.
40 size Insight!  Spad-sight by Chris
Sanders.  5.5lbs with a 46fx.  The
construction is Fan Fold Foam (FFF)
and Coroplast.
Jarvis Johnson's Pentathlon. Beautiful
fit and finish!  Power - AXI 5330
Dr. George Miller - Pileated
Pentathlon - wow...very cool.
Graphics by Dean Funk
90-110 size Insight! Tom
Lindholm strikes again!  
Nice job!
Charlie Barrera - Insight,
YS140, All paint finish.
Old Faithful - Serial #1
YS160, Futaba, PPG
fuse, monokote
wings/stabs 10lbs. 12oz.
Astropuppy's Axi powered Insight!
Chuck Hochhalter's Experimental
Pentathlon with forward canopy and
modified wings (this kit was the
pre-cursor to the Pentathlon Evo).
Pentathlon Evo Serial #1
10lbs.3oz. YS160DZ, PPG/monokote
Father Voodoo, Nat Penton with one of his
many Voodoo iterations, this one a 3D version.  
Power was a 91fx/es pipe/4 blade prop.
The Voodoo Express as per Nick
Marson.  YS110 - 7lbs. 2oz....yes,
7lbs.2oz.   Covered with Ultracote.
Pentathlon Evos - Father and Son - Mark
and Adam Mendonca, PPG/monokote
Jim Quinn's Electric Pentathlon
Evo - Hacker Power
Paul's Pentathlon Evo
- OS160fx
Electric Pentathlon Evo - Dean N.
HackerQ60, Ice80, Rhino4900's,
PPG-monokote, 10lbs.13oz.
Pentathlon Evo by Mike Austin
YS160, Airtronics,
PPG-monokote, 10lbs.7oz.
Mr. Dave Burton's Voodoo Express
- Eflight110, 8s pack
Nice job!
2 Evos by Art Wagner, OS160, OS140
Airtronics, ALL paint, retracts
Pentathlon Evo by Kirk S.
YS power, PPG-monokote,
Beautiful finish!
Evo-Electric-PPG fuse, monokote wings/stabs,
built by Mark Mendonca: Awesome.
Chris Kosravi and his own design
variant of the Voodoo.  Great flyer.
Pentathlon Evo on Final
by Chuck Hochhalter
Dualsky Power, 10s5000,
This Evo flew in the 2012'
F3A Worlds! Mark Mendonca
of Team Trinidad-Tobago -
Way to GO!
Scott Stephens -
Great looking Insight!
Harmony Bipe - Electric.  All
monokote, Neu F3A, Futaba
servos. 10lbs9oz. using
1100g batteries.
David Hayes: Cadence,
F3A, All monokote
Pentathlon Evo -
Mr. Wayne Galligan.  
NeuF3A power,
beautiful colors!
HarmonyII with yellow
trim by Mr. Wayne
Galligan.  Beautiful
monokote finish, Neu
HarmonyII by Designer
Dr. Mike Harrison  
Beautiful PPG finish, YS
HarmonyII by Mark
Mendonca Beautiful
Monokote & PPG finish,
YS power.
Cadence, C54, jeti,
Futaba, Ultracote,
lightened cores, 3420g w/o
motor battery
Cadence Pair, Pletty
Advance, Futaba Radio
Orange - AC Glenn
Yellow - Mark Hunt
Chuck Hochhalter: SuperLight Evo,
Scorpion F3A, F3AU batteries..
Pentathlon Evo #2 -
Mr. Wayne Galligan.  
NeuF3A power,
beautiful colors!
Cadence by Mark Mendonca